Preschoolers Helping at Home

Written by Mrs. Courtney Phillips – Lead Teacher Yellow Class

As a mother of a four year old and a preschool teacher I get asked the question ” can I help?”  a lot. So I wanted to write a post that would give you some ideas on how to let your children help.
My daughter began asking to help at age two. I would let her throw things into the trash or go get me odds and ends but soon that was not enough for her. We decided to develop a chore chart. Her chart contained pictures of everyday tasks that she could complete and check off.
Here are a few examples:

  • Make your bed (this consists of making sure her blanket is straight and her stuff animals are neat)
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Pick out daily snack
  • Place dirty dishes into the sink
  • Pick up toys off of the floor

Each day we go over her tasks and she completes them. If you are not ready for a chart, here are a few things that your child would enjoy doing.

  • Putting the socks together while you fold laundry
  • Drawing the items you need from the grocery store
  • Separating clothes before you do laundry
  • Rinsing dishes after you wash them (I only let my daughter rinse plastic cups and plates)
  • Helping measure items while you cook

Don’t be afraid to allow your child to help you. This desire marks a milestone in their development and it also fosters responsibility. Lastly, ask your child what types of tasks they would like to help complete, you may be pleasantly surprised by their answers.

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