Rainy Day Weekend Activities for Preschoolers

Written by Mrs. Courtney Phillips – Lead Teacher Yellow Class

Preschoolers at play on a rainy day

For a parent of a preschool student, rainy day weekends can be pretty scary. Thoughts of bored children running around, whining and eating everything in sight can be unbearable. I know this all so well as a have two children of my own. So I have come up with the perfect rainy day activities that will not only be fun but educational as well. As a child one of my favorite books to read was “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi Barrett. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have an entire day devoted to this beloved book. Begin your morning by reading this book with your children. Make sure to allow them to observe what is happening on each page. Then invite them into the kitchen to help you make pancakes which was the breakfast the children were having with their grandfather in the story. Once breakfast is over you can choose any of the following activities to share with your preschool children.  I hope that you enjoy your next weekend rainy day !

Pasta pick up- fine motor development Materials needed Tweezers Small pieces of pasta Cup Children will use the tweezers to pick up pasta and put it in a cup. For older children you can extend this activity by making it a timed race.

Build the town of chewandswallow- large motor development and creativity Materials needed Empty food boxes and cans Children can build the city of chewandshallow using empty food boxes and cans. Encourge your children to be as creative they like. To extend this activity for older children give them paper and pencils and allow them to make blueprints of the city  or design logos for the various buildings.

Meatball Math- Math and Art Materials needed Brown construction paper Scissors Crayons Paper plates Index cards Have you child create and cut out circles from the brown construction paper. Then write different numbers on each index card. Show your child the number and let them put the correct number if meatballs on the plate. To extend this activity for older children you could create addition or subtraction problems on the index card and allow your child to put the correct answer on their plate.

Movie and book comparison- Comprehension After you have read “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” watch the movie with the same name. Once the movie is over ask your children what they noticed was the same and what was different. To extend this activity for older children create a Venn Diagram to display the information.


Image credit: Brenda Anderson


  1. Anthony Becker says

    It is very necessary that kids should be involved in some or the other activities. In rainy season, instead of playing outdoors, they should be engaged in programs that are very beneficial for their intellectual development.In preschool, kids explore and learn new things.

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