Tic-Tac-Learn – an at home learning game!

Written by Yellow Room Lead Teacher Courtney Phillips

Have you ever wondered how to make learning a little more exciting? Here is an old school game with a new school twist. I call it Tic Tac Learn. This is a great game that is only limited by your imagination. It can be played with a variety of learning tools as well.

Here is what you will need: 

Painter’s tape

A variety of flash cards

Circles for game pieces

I made a typical tic tac toe board in my hallway. Then I placed a ABC flash cards in each space. Each player had to identify the letter before they could place the game piece in a spot. The player with three in the row is the winner. My daughter and I have played this game with colors, numbers, three letter words and when the time comes we will use this game with sight words. I hope that you enjoy this game. Have fun!


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