Autumn is Coming!

I am so exciting that Autumn is almost here! It is one of my favorite times of year and it also doesn’t hurt that my birthday falls in the middle of the season either. Here are a few activities that you can do with your Preschooler to celebrate this wonderful time.

Create a fun tablescape. At my house my children really enjoy when I create a fun tablescape. I like to place brown construction paper on the table in the form of a X. In the center of the X I place a bowl with decorative pumpkins, leaves and other fall inspired pieces. I then allow my children to draw fall pictures on the construction paper. These pictures can become a fun keepsake.

Go on an Autumn Letter Scavenger Hunt. Get a bag and go for a walk in nature. Have you child find fall nature pieces and place them in a bag. When you get home, ask your child what letter each piece begins with. For older children have them put the items in alphabetic order or create a story inspired by the items you found.

Have a Fall Food Feast. Gather you family and take them to a local Farmer’s Market. Choose fall fruit or vegetables that appeal to your senses. Once you get home create a meal or snack using those items. Let your children create menus and pretend to be the servers.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Mrs. Courtney Phillips – Yellow Class Lead Teacher @ Epiphany Lutheran Nursery School

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